Hi Everybody!

Our very first 2019 Warehouse Live Event was WONDERFUL! Thank you for everyone coming to this very special event!

As you know, Traditional Chinese Opera is an amalgamation of various art forms that existed in ancient China and evolved gradually over a thousand years. Over time it has incorporated various Chinese art forms such as music, song and dance, martial arts, acrobatics, costume and make-up art, as well as literary art forms to become traditional Chinese opera.

We had invited two Chinese Opera experts Vivian Lee and Alina Chen to share with us the charms of Chinese Opera from the backstage to the front of stage on Jun.8th. We also had guest musicians from the Calgary Chinese Orchestra joining us!

This event was produced in cooperation with Facet Music, a Non-Profit Organization focusing on Asian traditional music and performing arts.

Alina Chen - Born into a artistic family, she was hugely influenced by the art form from a young age.In 1994, she started to learn Peking Opera - “Cheng Style, main female role”, from Peking Opera master Jin Fang in Beijing.Apprenticed with Peking Opera master Zhong Rong in 2000.Actively giving Peking Opera presentations and workshops to primary and middle schools in Beijing before moving to Canada.

Vivian Lee - With a Masters Degree from the Department of Drama of Taiwan Cultural University, specializing in drama theory and Kunqu opera performance, Vivian Lee was a full-time researcher and experimental artist of the first Kunqu Opera School in Taiwan. She performed traditional Chinese opera at Taiwan's National Theatre, various universities and schools including Calgary Chinese Culture Centre, City Hall, Jack singer Hall, Jubilee and University of Calgary.

Calgary Chinese Orchestra - is a registered non-profit organization founded by a group of Chinese-Canadian music enthusiasts in 1997. Throughout the years, Calgary Chinese Orchestra have performed at community and cultural events, various charities and fundraising activities, as well as hosting their own annual concert. An ensemble made up of a variety of ancient instruments, Calgary Chinese Orchestra is dedicated to carrying on the tradition, as well as expanding and innovating the local arts scene through collaboration and by embracing musicians from all backgrounds and cultures.