Do you want your space to be different? Do you want it to be unique? This Autumn embrace earthy rustic-chic elements that will distinguish your space from the others. (images via Pinterest)

Our carefully curated collection of “Old China Cool” furniture and decor offers you a unique way to incorporate this trend into your house. 


By incorporating pieces that possess a timeworn beauty you can add a sense of natural warmth to your space creating an amazing very sought-after look!

In a climate of fast-paced change, when it’s difficult to find moments of calm, a touch of warm well worn decor appeals to our desire to turn inward and seek solace in our living space…(Styled by: @42_designs Photo by: @homegirllifestyle)

Warm up a contemporary space with the history and worn patina of “Old China Cool” pieces. It’s about using aged natural materials such as Elm to bring an organic and serene ambiance to any modern space while reflecting the world around you.(Styled by: @vdiep Photo by:

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We call it “Salvaged Décor from the Middle Kingdom” - antique and vintage pieces that add a unique touch of ultra cool “Old China” to any contemporary space! (Styled by: @42_designs Photo by: @homegirllifestyle)